Raising the Roof: Restoring Eden's Sanctuary & Song
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Eden Church in Jefferson Park held a recital on Sept. 11 as nearly 100-year-old pipe organ has been refurbished and repaired
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But It's More Than Just a Roof!

Eden United Church of Christ is a 108-year old pillar of the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Chicago, founded in 1914 by Volga German immigrants from Russia.

In June of 2022, we completed the work set before us in 2020! With the help of members, friends, local businesses and supporters across the country, we accomplished the following work which required an investment of $300,000.

  1. Replacement of 93-year old original roof on sanctuary
  2. Asbestos abatement required for that project
  3. Plaster repair and painting of damaged sanctuary interior
  4. Repair and restoration of Moller 5426 organ

We gathered on September 11, 2022 for "In Joyful Song" - a Rededication Ceremony and Organ Recital with Dr. Thomas Gouwens. Share our joy!

You'll learn more at this site on why this Capital Campaign was about "more than a roof!" In fact, we have established a "Second Century Fund" to continue embodying sanctuary for a new day in Jefferson Park and beyond.

This is why --

Over the last decade we've moved from being a longstanding pillar of the community to being an active partner serving the community. Our sacred space has nurtured generations in faith and family tradition. As we share God's building with Jefferson Park, and engage in news ways beyond our building, we're providing neighborhood sanctuary.

As we invest in the future we build on the heritage of the past, acknowledging all the ways—known and unknown—the people formed here have been Eden ambassadors of faith and faithfulness to the surrounding world.

We hope you'll read more about our Roof Campaign progress and the restoration of our lovely organ.

Volunteer to help or to share your stories and memories here.

Chicago's Northwest Side Press
An article about Eden's Capital Campaign. Click the image to see the entire issue.

Light in the Windows

Cover of <em>Light in the Windows</em>

Our beautiful stained glass windows by Hans Muench have been featured in publications of the Northwest Chicago Historical Society and in the booklet entitled Light in the Windows, published in 2016. The second edition of Light in the Windows is scheduled to be released in December of 2020.

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