Raising the Roof: Restoring Eden's Sanctuary & Song
Woman playing the Eden organ
The console of the Möller Opus 5426, built by M. P. Möller Organ Company in 1928

Our Organ

Four singers
Singers during an Eden worship service

Eden’s Möller Opus 5426 is literally at the center of Eden’s worship, and at the center of the church building itself. Our Opus 5426 has served the congregation of Eden continuously for 92 years. In September 2020, its pipes were lovingly boxed up and stored safely off-site at Berghaus Pipe and Organ, while we undertake our Capital Campaign: “Raising the Roof: Restoring Eden's Sanctuary and Song.”

It will be re-installed under Eden’s new roof—the replacement of our 92-year old original roof—in 2022. The Capital Campaign goal is $300,000, including projected roof replacement, asbestos abatement, plaster repair and the meticulous cleaning and restoration by Berghaus technicians.

Why are we undertaking this extensive and expensive renovation? Because the tradition of a music-centered congregation is our living tradition, and our preservation of the space is our sacred trust.

Here's more about the special instrument we steward.

Mathias Peter Møller, commonly known as M.P. Möller or Moeller, was a prolific pipe-organ builder and businessman. A native of the Danish island of Bornholm, he emigrated to the United States in 1872 and founded the M.P. Möller Pipe Organ Company in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, in 1875.

Organ pipes packed in a box
Five of the flue pipes that make up Eden's organ boxed up for storage

. . . Möller thought that anybody who wanted a pipe organ should be able to get one, and so it was that these lovely instruments ended up in churches, synagogues, concert halls, educational institutions, funeral homes, hospital chapels, movie theaters, municipal auditoriums, private residences, and social service organizations.

M. P. Moller. (2020, August 30). Retrieved November 26, 2020, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M._P._Moller

With your help, beautiful sacred music from Möller’s Opus 5426 will continue to enhance Eden’s worship and its worship space, as well as those who visit Eden. We hope that, with your generous donation, you will be a part of Eden’s musical legacy.