Raising the Roof: Restoring Eden's Sanctuary & Song


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We're Near 2/3 of Our Goal!

In 2020, we turned to the immense challenge of a Capital Campaign - "Raising the Roof: Restoring Eden's Sanctuary and Song." The Campaign includes replacing the original 92-year old sanctuary roof after many repairs and patches, as well as repair of organ pipes damaged in 2020 rains and restoration of sanctuary (plaster repair and painting).

Eden roof diagram

The total costs are approximately $302,000.

Thanks be to God! We have completely finished Phase I (the exterior roof), stemming the tide for further damage. We've also made significant payments toward our organ repair.

With the help of 200+ individual gifts and fundraising events, we have raised nearly $200,000!

The project has included asbestos abatement, total roof replace, and new deicing cables. Next will be the organ pipes repair and return. After the winter season we will be "good to go" for plaster and painting in sanctuary, and THEN the safe return of the pipes.

With sound planning and a number of partnerships, we are confident we'll meet this daunting challenge. Thank you for your ideas, prayers and gifts!

Progress Report as of April 5, 2022

Roof Seed Money$19,593
Gifts and Events
(since 6/30/20)
Insurance Claim$30,335
Total to Date$212,507.82